Why Your Business Needs Video More Than Ever – Part 1

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Lock-down mujiwulidde? Who am I fooling anyway? We are under the same government at my home too, so we equally feel it. During this quarantine, our content viewing habits have taken another form. Covid-19 has changed the way we internet. We are watching more video content than ever.

Having worked in the video world for over 10 years, I have watched video become a very important tool in marketing campaigns of different products or services and today, save for the essential workers, many of us working from home have observed that our viewing habits have changed. If you are a business owner, you have to be ready to push your business differently to be able to tap into this extreme change. The bigger question is; What does your business offer in terms of content, and the biggest question should be; Why should your business get involved in video content? Have a look at these reasons in Part 1 below.

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In the second part, we’ll look at more reasons why your business needs videos more than ever. You are more than welcome to subscribe to our Newsletter at the bottom of this page to be the first to know when fresh content is up. But in case you are a business owner who knows what they want, hit us up and we’ll get you started with videos for your business, brand or artistry. Thank you. Stay Safe.

Edit: Without moving back and forth, here’s Part 2.


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