7 Types Of Videos You Can Apply In Your Business

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Hey, I am Josh from Vidiyo In Business still here serving the business community the best way we know how to – helping them communicate better through video. Videos are ever growing in use but not every business owner knows exactly what video to use when or where. I have pointed out 7 ways you can use video in your business and let’s dig in.

1. Introduce Yourself. This is the best opportunity to tell your customers who you are and why you started that business. Sometimes, that’s all a customer needs to hear and support you. I don’t encourage starting a business and you hide away from it. Come out and connect. Here’s an example of how you can let customers into your business world. The more genuine, the better.

2. Thank Your Customers. We are coming out of a major slump in business, if you are lucky that you remained open during the lock down of 2020 due to Covid-19, why not give a shout out to your customers? Get in front of the camera and thank them for keeping you afloat.

The other 5 ways are in the video below. I encourage you to watch it and envision how impactful they could be for your business.

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For more information, you are welcome to tell us about your business and we’ll do everything possible to make sure your business communicates better using video. If you have friends who you think will find these tips helpful in their business, I humbly request you share it with them. Cheers.


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